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Our Range

Explore Our Range:

  • Secondary Planners – Tailored for the dynamic environment of high schools, our secondary planners help you manage your class schedules, assignments, and assessments efficiently.
  • Primary Planners – Designed for the vibrant world of primary education, these planners provide ample space for lesson plans, notes, and creative ideas.
  • Designer Covers/Graphics – Add a personal touch to your planner with our selection of designer covers and graphics. Express yourself and inspire your students!
  • Attendance Records – Keep track of your students’ attendance with ease. Our attendance records are designed to help you maintain a well-organised record.
  • 2024 Catalogue – Stay ahead with our latest collection of planners and accessories for the year 2024.
  • Chronicle Rewards Club – Join now to receive your Chronicle Rewards Member pack!

Mix your order between primary, secondary planners and accessories by simply adding to your online cart for bulk orders. Have questions? Visit our FAQs for detailed answers.

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